Monday, 14 January 2013

The Crusader's Chronicle

In the Commissaire Pierre Rousseau series The Crusader's Chronicle takes as it's source the eyewitness account of the Third Crusade by Geoffroi de Vinsauf. Little is known about the author, but his name gives rise to conjecture that he was in charge of winemaking at his monastery.

He is generally believed to have been an Englishman by birth, of a Norman family. His writings are numerous but his most important work is his History of the Third Crusade. It is the only eyewitness account that has come down to us of the furious assaults on the Christians by Saladin's army and of the way in which King Richard repulsed them. Geoffroi lived to see the death of Richard and the accession of King John, but he breaks off his history at the moment when the Crusaders embark on board ship to leave the Holy Land at the end of 1192.

The Crusader's Chronicle takes up his story after that date. 

Extracts from the chronicle are taken from Chronicles of the Crusades, published by Bell and Daldy, London, 1865

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