Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rousseau quotes Christos Tsirogiannis

'Christos Tsirogiannis is passionate about our common cultural heritage – and he is determined to draw public attention to the irreparable damage done by looters and those who collude with them further up the chain.

He said:  “To loot and trade in stolen goods is not only a crime in that it’s against the law, it’s also a crime against humanity.  Our culture is something that we all own, it’s not something to be stolen and sold for quick gain.  When looters steal objects they rip them from the environment in which they have been for hundreds or thousands of years. The object may turn up again but its context, where it lay in the ground, and the information of what surrounded it, is lost for ever. This is the major catastrophe that looting causes: the irreparable loss of knowledge about our past.”

For several years Tsirogiannis was the only archaeologist working for the Greek Police Art Squad in his native Athens – and he remains actively involved in tracing stolen antiquities. Roughly three times a year he will spot an object, perhaps a vase or a sculpture , that has come on to the art market with something about its provenance (collecting history) to make him suspicious.'

With acknowledgements to Cambridge University Research news 'The dark side of the art world'

Antonia and I can only say that this is what we are about and our cases reflect the same concerns. For details of reports see

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