Monday, 25 June 2012


The latest case in Greece is coming to an good conclusion. I suspect it will be called Return to the Parthenon for reasons which will be obvious when I have written the case notes. That means I can return to Bordeaux. It's a great city now, but I will miss Antonia. I'm sure Patrick will miss Eleni too. His leave is over for a while.

When I first went to Bordeaux as a student nearly twenty years ago, it was very different. There were not so many pedestrian areas and the traffic was awful. Now the Quais along the Garonne have been completely redesigned with lateral gardens and cycle ways. The installation of the tram system was very disruptive but now it is working well and the traffic is much reduced. The pedestrian area around the rue Sainte Catherine is very shopping friendly - as Antonia found out recently - and there are plenty of good restaurants.

I'm glad I live and work there.

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